The Indonesian Trunked Radio Operator Association, or abbreviated as APERTI, is a forum for operator of trunked radio networks in Indonesia to partnership with the government and other stakeholders in order to improve the radio network industry in Indonesia for the benefit of the people.

APERTI was established in 17 November 2016 and was witnessed by the notary Ulia Azhar, SH. M.Kn. with actuarial number XXX registered in KEMENKUMHAM

APERTI’s vision is to become a government partner in the field of trunked radio network operators in Indonesia both in the regulatory and technological aspects.

The mission of APERTI is to advance the trunked radio industry through good cooperation between the operators in order to provide excellent service and benefits to the public.

APERTI carry out its functions as means of:

  1. coaching facility and forums for trunked radio operators in Indonesia.
  2. advocating trunked radio operator interest in national forums and in international forums.
  3. communication support for non-profit activities.
  4. national reserves in the field of radio communication
  5. government partners in the activities of spectrum radio monitoring as well as radio communication device usage.